RETREAD Gear was created out of a  place of complete brokenness. After failing God, I yearned for redemption, I  yearned for restoration, and I yearned for  peace. For over five years I battled  depression, loneliness, anger,  abandonment, accusations, and a sense  of worthlessness. Even though I knew of the  saving power of Christ, and the love of  God, I was in a place where I no longer  believed that his mercy would extend to  me. After feeling like I could not go any  further, I cried out for help and spoke with an older couple who had planted several churches during their time in ministry. The husband touched me on my shoulder and said "Young man, God is in the retreading business. God is going to take what you have messed up and what the enemy has destroyed and make it all brand new." While they were praying for me, all of the scriptures about the delivering power of God and his mercy came back to my mind! I remembered that God still loved me! I remembered that he still had a plan for my life! I remembered that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ! (Philippians 1:6).

Yes, we are new creations in Christ! Anyone who is saved has been made into a new creation/creature! We have been made over! We have been retreaded!